Dasht (, Dashh-th) (English: Desert) is a Pakistani drama television series. It is a Balochi tribal love story directed by Abid Ali and F H Qureshi written by Munnu Bhai. Noman Ijaz and Atiqa Odho acted in lead alongside supporting actors such as Ayub Khoso, Abid Ali, Noor Muhammad Lashari, Fazila Qazi, Asad Malik & Sabiha Khanum.


The story is set among three warring tribes in rural Balochistan (in Pakistan). Born into this tribal warfare are Shahtaaj Atiqa Odho and Balaaj Noman Ejaz. Despite being surrounded by violence all their lives, both are gentle souls with a love of music and poetry. While both are from opposing tribes - they ultimately fall in love! Fearing that their union could unite two tribes, the head of the third tries everything to stop this from happening. The Drama was a tale of unrequited love and parental opposition while the culture, thinking and issues of tribes in Balochistan served as sidelines of Shahtaaj(Atiqa Odho) and Balaaj(Nauman Ejaz) story of two youngsters from rival tribes who fall in love.. The plot was a modern-day take on classic tragic romance stories such as Layla and Majnun, Heer Ranjha and Romeo and Juliet.