Yamanam is a 1992 Malayalam film, directed by Bharath Gopi, and starring Archana, Santha Devi, Syama and Nedumudi Venu.


A physically disabled girl Ambili (Archana) is restricted to a wheelchair because of a childhood attack of polio. Unable to move out of home, she has only to fantasize the exteriors. She turns terribly introvert, fathoming the truth within and becoming positive towards people. She is skilled at making models and toys. She and her widowed mother are gradually sidelined in their own home by her brother Devan and his wife Raji.


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    director Bharath Gopi
    editor Venugopal
    genre social
    keywords disabled isolated move out of home widowed mother
    musicBy G. Devarajan
    producer Ajayan Varicolil