Meri Guriya

Meri Guriya is a Pakistani Urdu-language crime drama television series that premiered on 27 June 2018, on ARY Digital. The series is co-produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi for Big Bang Entertainment. It stars Sania Saeed, Sonya Hussain and Mohsin Abbas Haider.


The show opens with 8-year-old Arifa being sexually abused and murdered, pushing her town into chaos. The story shifts to revolve around Shehnaz, a mother of three daughters, all of whom have been deemed "bad luck" by their paternal grandmother. Due to their financial issues, the youngest daughter, Abida, is not able to attend school and instead goes to a madrasa. This results in Shehnaz and her husband deciding to arrange a rickshaw to ferry the children to school. At the same time, Dabeer, an innocent and sensitive boy, is resisting his arranged marriage to Safeena, a state level badminton player. Although Safeena has told Dabeer to not come close to her, she begins to have feelings for him. Consequently, Dabeer avoids her as much as possible. Safeena and Abida soon become good friends after Abida calls Safeena "dulhan".