Hōtai Club

is a 2007 Japanese film directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi and based on a novel by Tendō Arata. This drama stars Yūya Yagira as Tatsuya 'Dino' Ideno and Satomi Ishihara as Emiko 'Wara' Kiba.


After Wara's father leaves, her mom falls into depression and drinking; her brother doesn't seem to care anymore, and Wara herself (a high school student) drifts without much interest in life. One day, after a minor accident, she meets a boy on the roof of the hospital. He asks whether she's going to kill herself by jumping off. He picks up her fallen bandage and ties it around the fence, declaring that he has bandaged her heart by doing so. Dino admits that if Wara hadn't been there, he probably would have jumped off himself.