A Coo-ee from Home

A Coo-ee from Home is a 1918 Australian silent film directed by Charles Woods about a miner who falls in love with a wealthy heiress. During filming a climactic shark attack, leading actor Bryce Rowe was attacked by a real shark and almost died.


Miner Will Morrison marries heiress Grace Norwood. Jealous Richard Myers tries to convince Will that Grace is unfaithful and when that fails he drugs Will and frames him for murder. Will is sentenced to death but a prison chaplain helps him escape. He runs away to sea, is exposed on board, jumps into the water, is attacked by a shark, but he manages to fight it off and escape. He reads that Richard has been arrested for murder back home. Will returns home and marries Grave.


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    director Charles Woods
    genre drama
    keywords arrest attack
    productionCompany Woods' Australian Films
    publisher Woods' Australian Films
    theme silent