A Moment of Romance II

A Moment of Romance II

A Moment of Romance II is a 1993 Hong Kong action romance film directed by Benny Chan and starring Aaron Kwok and Jacklyn Wu. It is the second installment of the A Moment of Romance trilogy, featuring a new storyline. The film is followed by a final installment, A Moment of Romance III (1996), with producer Johnnie To taking the helm as director and features the return of Andy Lau, the star of the first installment.


Celia (Jacklyn Wu) illegally enters Hong Kong from mainland China and works as a prostitute in order to earn money to save her younger brother from prison. While working for the first time, Celia witnesses the murder of a triad leader and gets framed for the murder. As triad members are chasing her, she is rescued by Frank (Aaron Kwok), a member of a biker gang. Frank came from a wealthy but broken family and always feels depressed. However, he later becomes inspired by Celia's upbeat personality and the two of them fall in love. Celia then leaves Frank in order to avoid bringing him into trouble with the triads, but Frank unconditionally sacrifices his life to save her.


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    contentLocation Hong Kong
    director Benny Chan
    editor Ma Chung-Yiu
    genre action crime drama romance
    keywords broken family first time frame jacklyn wu rescue
    producer Johnnie To
    productionCompany China Entertainment Films Paka Hill Films
    publisher Media Asia Entertainment Group
    recordedAt Hong Kong
    theme romantic drama