Kan'du Ibilees

Kan'du Ibilees

Kan'du Ibilees is a 2018 Maldivian children's film directed by Ismail Rasheed. Produced by Rasheed, Ahmed Zia and Mohamed Riffath under Independent Zone, the film stars Ismail Rasheed and Ahmed Zia in pivotal roles. Filming commenced on 30 January 2018 at HDh. Kulhudhuffushi and was completed within ten days. The film was screened on 5 December 2018 at HDh. Kulhudhuffushi Thiladhekunu Cinema and is scheduled to officially release at Olympus Cinema on 1 February 2019.


The film follows Kan'du Ibilees when he was sent on a mission by his boss to a faraway village with exclusive instructions to corrupt the mind of children where he befriends with students and distract them from their studies. He successfully keeps accomplishing his mission before two smart kids suspect his dubious character and spy on him under the guidance of the village Sheikh. Eventually, them along with the villagers, outsmart Kan'du Ibilees and burned him to flames. He then ventures off to find a new mission.

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    director Ismail Rasheed
    editor Ahmed Zia
    keywords smart kid
    musicBy Ibrahim Nifar
    producer Ismail Rasheed
    productionCompany Independent Zone
    theme children's