Gunfighters of the Northwest

Gunfighters of the Northwest

Gunfighters of the Northwest is a 1954 American Adventure Western Serial film directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet and Charles S. Gould and starring Jock Mahoney, Clayton Moore, Phyllis Coates, Don C. Harvey.


White Horse Rebels, under the command of a mystery villain known only as The Leader, attempt to create an independent "White Horse Republic" in Canada's north west. Funded by gold from the Marrow Mine, they attack Canadian settlements in the area. The North-West Mounted Police, represented primarily by hero Sgt. Ward and his sidekick Constable Nevin are, work to top the rebels and discover The Leader's real identity. An added complication comes in the form of First Nations, Blackfeet driven into Canada from the United States, who attack both sides and whom the rebels attempt to use as scapegoats for their own attacks.

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    contentLocation Canada
    director Spencer Gordon Bennet
    editor Earl Turner
    genre adventure western
    keywords blackfoot first nations white horse
    musicBy Mischa Bakaleinikoff
    producer Sam Katzman
    productionCompany Sam Katzman Productions
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    theme northern