Thalai Ezhuthu

Thalai Ezhuthu (English: Ill Fate) is a 2009 Tamil thriller film directed by Ethiraj. The film features Richard Raj and Pooja Gandhi in lead roles, with Guinness Pakru, Meera Krishnan, Bala Singh and Saakshi Siva playing supporting roles. The film, produced by Richard Raj, had musical score by Godwin and was released on 10 July 2009.


Raj (Richard Raj) is a software engineer who lives with his widow mother (Meera Krishnan). He spent his childhood in a home for disabled children, where his mother worked for a living thus he has sympathy for the handicapped. After completing a degree in software engineering, he got offers to work in multinational companies but he decided to stay in India and works for a small company. Raj invents a device that can help the disabled people overcome their physical defects and conveniently complete their daily routines. After the presentation of his project, Raj gets death threats from a corrupt politician who wants to appropriate his project. In the meantime, Raj meets Pooja (Pooja Gandhi) and they fall in love with each other.