The Madness of King George

The Madness of King George is a 1994 British biographical historical comedy-drama film directed by Nicholas Hytner and adapted by Alan Bennett from his own 1991 play The Madness of George III. It tells the true story of George III of Great Britain's deteriorating mental health, and his equally declining relationship with his eldest son, the Prince of Wales, particularly focusing on the period around the Regency Crisis of 178889. Two text panels at the end of the film note that the colour of the King's urine suggests that he was suffering from porphyria, adding that the disease is "periodic, unpredictable and hereditary."


King George III's bout of madness in 1788 touched off the Regency Crisis of 1788 and triggered a power struggle between factions of Parliament under the Tory Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger and the reform-minded Leader of the Opposition Charles James Fox.


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    award Academy Award for Best Production Design National Board of Review: Top Ten Films
    contentLocation England London
    director Nicholas Hytner
    editor Tariq Anwar
    events mental disorder Regency crisis 1788
    genre comedy-drama historical
    keywords abolition of the slave trade abolitionism baron thurlow bowel movement catholic catholic church charles james fox cup cupping therapy dr. francis willis dr. warren francis willis gag george george iv of the united kingdom great britain handel how to hypersexual hypersexuality insanity king george iii king lear kingdom of great britain laxative leader of the opposition lord chancellor loss of america love madness maria fitzherbert married mistress move mrs. fitzherbert parliament parliament of great britain power struggle prime minister prime minister of the united kingdom prince of wales purgative read regency crisis of 1788 regent relations with america richard warren royal family slave trade speak st paul's cathedral succession succession to the british throne suffer the king tory treaty of paris united kingdom–united states relations wellbeing whig william pitt the younger
    musicBy George Fenton
    nomination Academy Award for Best Actor Academy Award for Best Production Design Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay
    producer David Parfitt Stephen Evans
    productionCompany Channel Four Films Close Call Films
    publisher access-date=28 June 2022 Channel Four Films date=8 January 1995 first=Adam last=Dawtrey title=Goldwyn, CH. 4 Team url= Variety website=[[Variety
    theme biographical biographical drama