Thirty Three

Thirty Three is a 1965 Soviet comedy film directed by Georgiy Daneliya.


Travkin, a kind and unassuming food chemist from a small Russian town, spends his time developing new carbonated soft drinks, and also sings in an amateur choir. But when a dentist discovers that Travkin has 33 teeth, he suddenly becomes a national celebrity. He is brought to Moscow as a medical phenomenon and studied by famous scientists; it is proclaimed that Travkin's 33rd tooth is unique, and may connect him to extraterrestrials from Mars. Travkin struggles with his celebrity status, is briefly confined to a psychiatric institution due to slander of a jealous man, and has to fend off gold digging women, sycophant men, and journalists. The only respite he finds is in his roommate at a hotel, who is a friendly, earnest industrial diver on a holiday. Finally, Travkin is selected for a space mission, to be sent to Mars via teleportation. After a heroic goodbye and a countdown, the entire celebrity plot turns out to be a dream. Travkin is immensely relieved and returns to his quiet and fulfilling life with renewed joy.