The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout is a 1991 American buddy action comedy film directed by Tony Scott from a screenplay by Shane Black, and produced by Joel Silver. It stars Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans, with Noble Willingham, Chelsea Field, Taylor Negron, Danielle Harris and Halle Berry. The film follows a washed-up private investigator (Willis) who teams up with a scandalized football star (Wayans) to uncover a political conspiracy involving their former employers.


During halftime at a televised football game, L.A. Stallions running back Billy Cole receives a phone call from a mysterious man named Milo, who warns him to win the game or he will be killed. Cole ingests PCP and in a drug-induced rage, brings a gun onto the field, shooting three opposing players to reach the end zone before shooting himself in the head. Meanwhile, private investigator Joe Hallenbeck, a disgraced former Secret Service agent who was once a national hero for saving the president from an assassination attempt, discovers that his wife Sarah is having an affair with his friend and business partner, Mike Matthews. Mike gives Joe an assignment to act as bodyguard for a stripper named Cory. Mike is then killed by a car bomb outside Joe's house.