Drive a Crooked Road

Drive a Crooked Road

Drive a Crooked Road is a 1954 American crime film noir directed by Richard Quine and starring Mickey Rooney and Dianne Foster. The drama's screenplay was adapted by Blake Edwards and Richard Quine from "The Wheel Man", a story by Canadian James Benson Nablo.


Mechanic and race car driver Eddie Shannon is chosen by two bank robbers to help them with a heist. The heist requires someone with his ability to "soup up" engines and drive at high speeds over treacherous roads, to avoid capture after they pull the job. To bait the driver into the dangerous scheme, one of the robbers uses his girlfriend, Barbara Mathews, to help persuade Eddie to assist with the crime—though his share of the heist would also make it possible for him to achieve his dream of racing competitively in Europe, the money alone wouldn't be sufficient inducement. Barbara increasingly feels ashamed of leading Eddie on, and develops some feelings for him. This leads to his discovery of the way he's been used, triggering a deadly confrontation at the end.

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    contentLocation California Palm Springs
    director Richard Quine
    editor Jerome Thoms
    genre crime drama thriller
    keywords bank robber car driver end high speed race car driver
    musicBy George Duning
    producer Jonie Taps
    productionCompany Columbia Pictures
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    theme film noir heist noir race