The Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck

The Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck is a 1984 television film directed by Simon Langton. The film, starring Marlo Thomas and Kris Kristofferson, is based on the 1974 novel The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum by Heinrich Böll, and has been released on VHS under the title Act of Passion.


Kathryn Beck is the owner of a small catering business in small-town America who spends the night with a man named Ben Cole, who unknown to her is a suspected bank robber and Weatherman terrorist. After he leaves, the police burst into her house, hold her as a witness and ridicule her. When the media report about her rendezvous, and call her a terrorist lover, Kathryn must try her best to save her image.

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    director Simon Langton
    genre drama
    keywords bank robber suspect weather underground weatherman
    musicBy Laurence Rosenthal
    publisher CBS