On the Trail of Igor Rizzi

On the Trail of Igor Rizzi

On the Trail of Igor Rizzi is a 2006 Canadian drama film starring Laurent Lucas, written and directed by Noël Mitrani. The film's production companies are Atopia and StanKaz Films. The distributor is also Atopia in Canada and United States. This film won the Award for Best Canadian First Feature Film at 2006’s Toronto International Film Festival.


A grief-stricken and destitute French ex-soccer player has moved to Montreal, the hometown of his lost love, in an effort to recapture her presence. He is haunted by the regret of never having told her how much he loved her. To earn money he accepts to kill a certain Igor Rizzi.

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    contentLocation Montreal
    director Noël Mitrani
    editor Denis Parrot
    genre crime drama
    keywords haunt lost love
    publisher Atopia