The Nesting

The Nesting (also known as Phobia and Massacre Mansion) is a 1981 American supernatural horror film directed and co-written by Armand Weston, and starring Robin Groves, Michael Lally, John Carradine and Gloria Grahame in her final film role. Its plot follows an agoraphobic novelist who rents a rural mansion that she comes to find is haunted by the prostitute victims of a mass murder that occurred there in the 1940s.


New York City novelist Lauren Cochran suffers from agoraphobia and, in a bid to overcome her ailment, she rents a stately Victorian mansion in the country from a scientist, Daniel Griffith and his ailing grandfather, Colonel Lebrun. A series of strange occurrences begin once Lauren moves in; when she meets Col. Lebrun, he suffers a stroke at the sight of her, and she suspects that the house may be haunted after suffering bizarre dreams of women lounging around the house. She also feels she has seen the home before, and realizes an illustration of it appears on one of her novels, entitled The Nesting.