K-12 is a 2019 American musical horror fantasy film written and directed by Melanie Martinez that accompanied her second studio album of the same name, both of which were released on September 6, 2019.


Cry Baby wakes up hesitant for her first day at K-12 Sleepaway School. Realizing that her mother is passed out due to excessive drinking, she knows that she will have to walk to the bus stop. On the ride to school, she is bullied by the other students for having a gap between her teeth and sits next to her best friend Angelita ("Wheels on the Bus"). They are both revealed to have powers that turn their eyes completely black. The bus driver becomes distracted by the students who are misbehaving and swerves into a lake. Cry Baby and Angelita use their powers to lift the bus out of the water and into the sky, before landing it at the school.