Hong Kong Godfather

Hong Kong Godfather

Hong Kong Godfather is a 1991 Hong Kong action film directed by Ho Cheuk-wing and starring Andy Lau.


Inspector Sam Lam (Lo Lieh) leads a drug raid and arrests the wife of Hoi Lung Triad leader Woody (Bill Lung) and the latter pleads with Hung Hing Triad leader Koo Sau-chung (Pau Fong), an ally of Sam, to negotiate with Sam to release his wife. Sau-chung meets up with Sam in a restaurant where the former was abducted by thugs and let off in the middle of the highway while the latter was shot dead by killers. Inspector Leung Chun-pong (Roy Cheung) of the Kowloon Regional Anti Triad Unit suspects Sau-chung being behind the murder of Sam and leads his squad to search the Koo mansion but leaves after failing to find any evidence. Sau-chung's third son, York (Andy Lau) arranges his father to flee to Taiwan to avoid arrest and clear connections with Sam in order to preserve the latter's reputation as an officer. Sau-chung appoints his eldest son, Mark (Jason Pai), as leader of Hung Hung before leaving but personally entrusts York to look over the triad and their businesses.