Jogo Duplo

Jogo Duplo

Jogo Duplo (English: Double Game) is Portuguese telenovela broadcast and produced by TVI. It was written by Artur Ribeiro. The telenovela premiered on December 4, 2017 and ended on November 18, 2018. It is recorded between Portugal (Setúbal and Alcácer do Sal), China (Macau) and Asia (Vietnam).


The story of João and Margarida happens between Macao and Portugal. The young lovers were separated when they were teenagers and they find each other in Macao after many years. João has changed his life and he is now a rich mafia casino boss that, after the encounter with Margarida, decides to return to Portugal to reconquer her. Once at his native land, João finds himself in the midst of an ancestral setting in a region that is experiencing a conflict between urbanity, rurality and luxury tourism of the coast where the cohabitation is not always peaceful. However, all these conflicts will be eclipsed by a greater threat when Manuel Qiang, João's former boss in Macao, after losing the war with a rival triad, returns to Portugal determined to conquer a new business empire using unscrupulous illegal methods.

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    director Hugo de Sousa
    keywords lose young lovers
    publisher Televisão Independente