The Viking

For the 1928 Technicolor MGM film, see The Viking (1928 film).


Set on the coast of Newfoundland, a rivalry develops between Jed Nelson (Arthur Vinton), a seal hunter, and Luke Oarum (Charles Starrett), a local man considered a jinx. Worried that his rival may try to steal his girlfriend Mary Joe (Louise Huntington), calling him a coward, the seal hunter goads Luke into accompanying him on an Arctic sealing expedition on Viking, commanded by Capt. Barker (Robert Bartlett).. They both end up in a hunting party on the ice floes and eventually find themselves stranded. Jed tries to kill Luke, but the snow blinds him and his gunshot misses.

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    contentLocation Arctic
    director George Melford Varick Frissell
    editor H. P. Carver
    genre adventure drama
    keywords hunting party jinx local man ss viking strand viking
    producer Varick Frissell
    productionCompany James Dixon Williams
    publisher J.D. Williams
    theme independent