Perfumed Nightmare

Mababangong Bangungot or Perfumed Nightmare is a 1977 Filipino film starring, written and directed by Kidlat Tahimik, who also edited, co-shot, and produced it. It tells the story of a young Filipino jeepney driver from Barangay Balian, Laguna infatuated the idea of space travel and the West who gradually becomes disillusioned after living in Paris. The film was well received by critics upon release, even earning the International Film Critic's Prize at the Berlin Film Festival.


Kidlat, a jeepney driver in a village in the Philippines, dreams of becoming an astronaut and making it big in the United States. His dreams take him as far as Europe and to a series of events that will show him that his idealisation of what Western and European culture has to offer is far from real.

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    contentLocation Germany
    director Kidlat Tahimik
    editor Kidlat Tahimik
    musicBy Hanns Christian Müller
    producer Kidlat Tahimik
    productionCompany Kidlat Kulog Productions
    publisher American Zoetrope
    theme independent