Dark Honeymoon

Dark Honeymoon

Dark Honeymoon is a 2008 thriller film, starring Lindy Booth, Nick Cornish, Tia Carrere, Daryl Hannah, Roy Scheider and Eric Roberts. It was directed by David O'Malley and released direct-to-video on July 22, 2008.


After a brief courtship, a man marries an enchanting woman, and then things begin to go terribly wrong. During their honeymoon on the foggy Oregon coast, he discovers her shocking secrets as those around them begin to die horrible and violent deaths, one by one. He soon learns that you really don't know someone until you marry them.

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    contentLocation Oregon
    director David O'Malley
    editor Joe Pascual Michael Spence
    genre thriller
    keywords one by one shock violent death
    musicBy Juan J. Colomer
    producer Michael L. Meltzer Scott Vandiver
    productionCompany Alpine Pictures