The House of Secrets

The House of Secrets is a 1929 American mystery film directed by Edmund Lawrence and starring Joseph Striker, Marcia Manning and Elmer Grandin. The screenplay was written by Adeline Leitzbach, based on the 1926 novel of the same name by Sydney Horler. The film is considered lost. It was remade in 1936.


An American named Barry Wilding travels to England to check out a castle he has inherited there. After hearing of mysterious goings on at the castle, he and his detective friend Joe Blake suspect that a Chinese man named Wu Chang is behind it all.

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    contentLocation London
    director Edmund Lawrence
    editor Selma Rosenbloom
    genre mystery
    keywords chinese man hear inherit
    producer George R. Batcheller
    productionCompany Chesterfield Pictures
    publisher Chesterfield Pictures