The Pirates of Capri

The Pirates of Capri

The Pirates of Capri, released in the United Kingdom as The Masked Pirate, is a 1949 Italian/American international co-production swashbuckler film directed by Edgar G. Ulmer starring Louis Hayward. It was filmed on location in Italy.


In Naples in 1798, foppish nobleman Count Amalfi (Louis Hayward), adviser to the Queen (Binnie Barnes), is secretly the heroic pirate Captain Sirocco, who leads a band of rebels to overthrow the aristocratic regime, dominated by villainous Police Chief Von Holstein (Massimo Serato).

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    contentLocation Italy
    director Edgar George Ulmer Giuseppe Maria Scotese
    editor Renzo Lucidi
    genre adventure historical
    keywords police chief
    musicBy Nino Rota
    producer Victor Pahlen
    publisher Film Classics
    theme swashbuckler