Better Than Chocolate

Better Than Chocolate is a 1999 Canadian romantic comedy movie shot in Vancouver directed by Anne Wheeler.


Maggie (Karyn Dwyer) has moved out on her own and has started a relationship with Kim (Christina Cox). Maggie's mother Lila (Wendy Crewson) and brother are forced to move into her loft sublet with her, but unaware that she is a lesbian. Maggie's freedom is compromised, and she believes she must keep her blossoming affair a secret. The clandestine romance introduces Maggie's family to a host of new experiences, many of which are "better than chocolate". The story features Judy, a friend of Maggie's who is a transgender woman. Judy develops a friendship with Maggie's Mum and helps her to repair her relationship with her daughter. Judy's love interest is Frances, owner of the book shop in which Maggie works and purveyor of lesbian literature.

    More details

    contentLocation Vancouver
    director Anne Wheeler
    editor Alison Grace
    genre comedy
    keywords force love interest
    musicBy Graeme Coleman
    producer Peggy Thompson
    publisher Trimark Pictures
    recordedAt Vancouver
    theme lgbt-related romantic comedy