Vaanga Partner Vaanga

Vaanga Partner Vaanga

Vaanga Partner Vaanga is a 1994 Indian Tamil-language comedy film directed and produced by Rama Narayanan. The film stars Visu, Radha Ravi, S. S. Chandran and Vennira Aadai Moorthy. It was released on 14 January 1994.


Ponnappan, Uzhagappan and Azhagappan are three naive villagers who come to Chennai for becoming wealthy. However, they are cheated by the townsfolk. They decide to join hands and they begin to look for an intelligent, bachelor and a good partner. The first one who comes to their mind is the lord Ganapathi. They then sign a contract with the lord (statue) : in five years time, Ganapathi will have the quarter of their benefit. The Gurukkal is the witness of this deal. To help them, Ganapathi himself appears as a human and he becomes their partner. Five years later, Ponnappan, Uzhagappan and Azhagappan become wealthy and arrogant men. One day, the Gurukkal asks them the quarter of their benefit as promised to build a temple but Ponnappan, Uzhagappan and Azhagappan refuse it categorically. Ganapathi is shocked for being betrayed and decides to teach them a lesson.

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    director Rama Narayanan
    editor Baburaj
    genre comedy
    keywords betray ganapathi ganesha
    musicBy Sankar Ganesh
    producer Rama Narayanan
    productionCompany Sri Thenandal Films