Daimon Otokode Shinitai

is a 1969 Japanese yakuza film directed by Akinori Matsuo.


The brothers of Tetsujirō and Tetsugorō, who lost their parents and home after the Great Kanto Earthquake, were picked up and grew up by a Yakuza Goi clan. One day, Tetsugorō fights the confronted yakuza Honma clan, and is expelled from Goi clan's Boss. Later, boss Goi is attacked by Honma clan's assassin and seriously injured. The assassin is Tetsutaōr, Tetsugorō's eldest brother, who had been missing after the Great Kanto Earthquake.

    More details

    director Akinori Matsuo
    genre crime
    keywords attack expel great kanto earthquake injured
    musicBy Hajime Karburagi
    publisher Nikkatsu
    theme japanese yakuza