Donga Mogudu

Donga Mogudu is a 1987 Indian Telugu-language film starring Chiranjeevi, Bhanupriya, Madhavi and Raadhika. This film was directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy. Chiranjeevi portrayed a dual role in this film. The film is based on Yandamuri Veerendranath's novel Nallanchu Tellachira.


Ravi Teja (Chiranjeevi) is an industrialist who owns a textile company. He is a successful person in business, but his personal life lacks harmony and peace. Tortured by his wife (Madhavi) and her mother, he finds life miserable. He will slowly fall for his beautiful Personal Assistant Priyamvada (Bhanupriya). Meanwhile, his opponents cannot stand his success in business and plan to stop him from getting yet another business deal. Here, he meets Nagaraju (also Chiranjeevi), who is a small-time thief. Ravi Teja is saved by Nagaraju and he plans to exchange their positions, so that his problems can be solved forever. Nagaraju agrees, and teaches Madhavi, her mother, and Ravi Teja's enemies a lesson. Ravi Teja faces a strange situation of leading a thief's lifestyle. He encounters Seeta (Radhika), who is also a small-time thief. In the end, they both reveal their true identities and end the story on a happy note.