Tokyo Decadence

is Japanese pink film. This erotic film was directed by Ryū Murakami (村上 龍 Murakami Ryū) with music by Ryuichi Sakamoto (坂本 龍一 Sakamoto Ryūichi) and the film was shot during 1991, then later released in 1992. It stars Miho Nikaido (二階堂 美穂 Nikaidō Miho) and is known by two alternate titles, Topaz and Sex Dreams of Topaz.. Because of the cruel and graphic nature of this film, it has been banned in several countries such as Australia and South Korea. Shimada Masahiko (島田 雅彦 Shimada Masahiko) also makes an appearance in this film. The story follows , the submissive and lovesick prostitute who goes about her trade with misery and is being abused by hedonists and criminals while trying to find some sort of appeasement away from the fact that her lover is currently married.


In Tokyo, Japan. A 22-year-old timid female college student named Ai works as a specialty prostitute for an exclusive escort agency that caters to wealthy, mostly perverted and corrupt, Japanese men in the city. To please her clients, she has to play out elaborate fantasy scenarios involving sexual humiliation and light SM/bondage.