Swamp Woman

Swamp Woman is a 1941 American film directed by Elmer Clifton.


The movie depicts the journey of three individuals rushing through the vast swamplands. These include honky-tonk dancer Annabelle Tollington, the opportunistic promoter "Flash" Bland, who is after Annabelle, and Jeff Carter, a fugitive trying to evade the police lieutenant's tracking dogs. After escaping the law, Jeff reaches the cabin of Lizbet Tollington, Annabelle's niece, and the fiancée of trapper Pete Oliver, who is Annabelle's former lover. To avoid detection, Lizbet conceals Jeff from the law. Meanwhile, Annabelle informs Pete that Lizbet is sheltering a man in her cabin to break their engagement, which infuriates Pete. However, after realizing Lizbet's love for Jeff, Pete agrees to aid the fugitive. When Rance finally arrives, he identifies Annabelle as the legendary "Swamp Woman".


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    director Elmer Clifton
    editor Charles Henkel Jr.
    genre drama
    keywords police lieutenant rush
    publisher Producers Releasing Corporation