The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Greatest Story Ever Told is a 1965 American epic film produced and directed by George Stevens. It is a retelling of the Biblical account about Jesus of Nazareth, from the Nativity through to the Ascension. With an ensemble cast, it is Claude Rains' final film role. It received five Academy Award nominations.


Three wise men (magi) follow a brightly shining star from Asia to Jerusalem in search of a newborn king. They are summoned by King Herod the Great, whose advisers inform him of a Messiah mentioned in various prophecies. When Herod remembers that the prophecy names nearby Bethlehem as the child's birthplace, he sends the Magi there to confirm the child's existenceand secretly sends guards to follow them and "keep [him] informed." In Bethlehem, the Magi find a married coupleMary and Josephlaying their newborn son in a manger. Mary states that his name is Jesus. As the local shepherds watch, the Magi present gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the infant. After observing the distant spies' departure, the magi leave as an angel's voice warns Joseph to "take the child" and "flee".


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    award National Board of Review: Top Ten Films
    contentLocation Jerusalem
    director David Lean George Stevens
    editor Harold F. Kress
    genre drama historical
    keywords a sick woman who is cured when she touches his clothes a woman caught in the act of adultery a woman wipes his face agony in the garden an evening meal andrew andrew the apostle annunciation to the shepherds anointing jesus with expensive oil anointing of jesus arrest jesus arrest of jesus ascension of jesus attack back to life baptism of jesus baptizes him barabbas bartholomew the apostle behead beheading of john the baptist bethany bethlehem biblical magi blind man bread and wine bring jesus to the tired pilate brings lazarus back to life caiaphas capernaum carries his cross cave in christ carrying the cross cleansing of the temple climb confession of peter crucifixion crucifixion of jesus crucify denial of peter drives the merchants and money changers away ecce homo end end of the world escaped into egypt even farewell discourse feeding five thousand people feeding the multitude fishers of men flight into egypt galilee georg frideric handel gives a prayer golgotha hallelujah chorus handel healing the paralytic at capernaum helps a crippled man to walk again hermit herod antipas herod\'s kingdom herod the great herodian kingdom herodian tetrarchy herodias his wife his wife\'s hometown rejection of jesus jam james the less jesus jesus and the woman taken in adultery jesus ascends to heaven jesus at herod\'s court jesus healing the bleeding woman jesus is sent to herod jesus predicts his betrayal jesus then prays at gethsemane jesus walking on water john john the apostle john the baptist jordan river joseph joseph of arimathea judas iscariot judas kisses jesus jude the apostle judea kill kill the baptist king herod kiss of judas last supper lazarus lazarus of bethany magi marriage at cana married couple martha martha of bethany mary mary magdalene mary of bethany mary of magdalene massacre of the innocents matthew matthew the apostle messiah messiah part ii miraculous event mocking of jesus morning of nailed to the cross nathaniel nativity of jesus nazareth newborn son in a manger nicodemus one of them will betray him origin of the eucharist paint pass passover personification of satan peter peter believes that jesus is the messiah peter will deny three times that he even knows jesus pharisee pilate presents jesus before the assembled crowd pilate\'s court pontius pilate pontius pilate\'s wife put on trial before the sanhedrin question refuse to believe in jesus and his miracles resurrection resurrection of jesus resurrection of lazarus rides on a donkey into jerusalem ridicule him rock saint joseph saint peter saint veronica salome sanhedrin trial of jesus satan sermon on a mountain to a great crowd sermon on the mount simon of cyrene simon the zealot son of god speak summon synagogue tax collector teach temple temple in jerusalem temptation of christ tempts jesus three times tetrarch thaddeus the death of every newborn boy in bethlehem the local shepherds the lord\'s prayer thirty pieces of silver thomas thomas the apostle three wise men through jerusalem to remember triumphal entry into jerusalem turn turning water into wine via dolorosa walk walking on water wise men young man
    musicBy Alfred Newman
    nomination Academy Award for Best Art Direction, Color Academy Award for Best Cinematography, Color Academy Award for Best Costume Design, Color Academy Award for Best Original Score Academy Award for Best Visual Effects
    producer George Stevens
    productionCompany George Stevens Productions
    publisher United Artists
    recordedAt Arizona Utah
    theme biographical epic