Up for Love (original title: Un homme à la hauteur) is a 2016 Franco-Belgian romantic comedy film directed by Laurent Tirard and starring Jean Dujardin and Virginie Efira. The film is a remake of the 2013 Argentine film Corazón de León.


Diane is a lawyer who went through a divorce a few years ago. After losing her phone, she receives a call from Alexandre, a funny and charming man who found the phone and intends to return it. As the conversation goes on, the two hit it off and decide to arrange a date. Diane heads for the meeting with great expectations only to realise Alexandre is a midget.

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    contentLocation Paris
    director Laurent Tirard
    editor Valérie Deseine
    genre comedy
    keywords dwarfism lose meet midget
    musicBy Éric Neveux
    producer Sidonie Dumas Vanessa van Zuylen
    productionCompany Gaumont Film Company M6 Films
    publisher Cinéart Gaumont
    theme romantic comedy