Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday is a 1953 American romantic comedy film directed and produced by William Wyler. It stars Audrey Hepburn as a princess out to see Rome on her own and Gregory Peck as a reporter. Hepburn won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance; the screenplay and costume design also won.


Crown princess Ann is on a tightly scheduled tour of European capital cities to promote goodwill and improve trade relations for her unnamed nation. After an especially hard day in Rome her doctor gives her an injection and advises her: "Best thing I know is to do exactly what you wish for a while." When she is left alone she secretly leaves her bedroom and country's embassy to witness city life. The effect of the drug then sets in, and she ends up happily lying on a stone bench. Joe Bradley, an expatriate reporter for the "American News Service", finds her there without recognizing who she is. He thinks she is intoxicated and, feeling protective, he takes her to his apartment to sleep it off.