Day by Day, Desperately

Day by Day, Desperately

Day by Day, Desperately is a 1961 Italian drama film written and directed by Alfredo Giannetti. According to the film critic Morando Morandini, the film is "a naturalistic drama of strong emotional charge, crossed by a vein of desperate lyricism."


The mental illness affecting young Dario, one of the two sons of the Dominici family living in a low-income area of Rome, turns their lives upside down. Tilde, the mother, devotes herself entirely to caring for Dario, neglecting her husband Pietro and their other son Gabriele. During a severe crisis, Dario is readmitted to the asylum, and Tilde insists on using all their money to bribe the nurses for better treatment.

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    contentLocation Rome
    director Alfredo Giannetti
    editor Ruggero Mastroianni
    genre drama
    keywords heart attack mental illness upside down vienna
    musicBy Carlo Rustichelli
    producer Franco Cristaldi