Onde Guri

Onde Guri is a 1983 Indian Kannada-language action film directed by H. R. Bhargava and produced by M. P. Shankar. The film stars Vishnuvardhan, M. P. Shankar, Ramakrishna, Madhavi, Tiger Prabhakar and Vajramuni. The music was composed by Rajan–Nagendra, while Yadav Victor and D. V. Rajaram and N. K. Sathish handled the cinematography and editing. The film was inspired from 1979 film Mad Max and was dubbed in Tamil as Pani Puyal.


Kumar, a CID officer, is assigned to stop a violent motorcycle gang from committing more gruesome heists and killings. Kumar soon earns the wrath of the gang leader by shooting his leg during a jewellery heist. The leader and his gang barges into Kumar's house and kill his brother Krishna and fiancèe Padmini. Kumar and Padmini's father Ganesh wants to avenge their deaths, but decide to stay low for the safety of their family and leave for Mangalore. The gang soon learns about Kumar's location, where they hunt down and kills Ganesh, Kumar's mother and his infant child, but Kumar's wife Rohini survives the incident. Enraged, Kumar finally hunts down the gang and its leader during the robberies and kills them, thus avenging his families' death.