Idhayam is a 1991 Tamil language romantic drama film directed by debutant director Kathir. The movie stars Murali and Heera Rajagopal in lead roles while Chinni Jayanth, Janagaraj, Manorama, and Vijayakumar play supporting roles. The music was composed by Ilayaraja. It was popular and trend setter in between 1990s lovers was a iconic blockbuster with trend setting music. The film is dubbed into Telugu with the name Hrudhayam.


Raja, an introvert medical student, falls in love with his fellow college mate Geetha but does not have courage to express his love to her. When he decides to convey his love, he misunderstands that Geetha is in love with someone else, but in fact, she was helping her sister and the latter's lover unite. Her father does not accept her sister's love, and the pair commits suicide. Towards the end of the final year of college, Raja finally conveys his love to Geetha when she is in the college mourning her sister's death. On the last day of college, Raja comes to know that the Geetha is about to be engaged soon to someone else. He could not cope with the news, and he suffers a mild heart stroke and gets hospitalized. In the meantime, Geetha starts falling in love with Raja. She visits the hospital to express her love only to find that he has left to catch a train to his native village. She rushes to the railway station and searches for him. She finds her father on the way, and her father accepts her love, she finds Raja's friend Chinni instead and comes to know of Raja's heart condition that he cannot digest very happy or sad news. Chinni urges Geetha not to meet Raja then and promises that after Raja recuperates, he will unite them. The film ends as Geetha looks at the departing train.