Sangre azul

Sangre azul is a Venezuelan telenovela developed by José Ignacio Cabrujas and Julio César Mármol and produced by Radio Caracas Television in 1979.


Sangre azul is set in mid 19th century Venezuela where a civil war is ongoing. Mariana, the beautiful eldest daughter of the Marquess of Granados, lives her life full of fun and flirtations, until the arrival of Alvaro who she feels attracted to and plans of marrying. But her sister María de los Ángeles also falls in love with him. Although she has a noble heart, Mariana is frowned by her high society for her frivolous behaviour and her need to always be the centre of attention for men. Jose Antonio, a military man, becomes captured by Mariana's personality, and although she begins having feelings for him, she is still in love with Alvaro. Out of pity, Jose Antonio marries Maria Teresa, a simple and fragile girl.