Maragatha Veenai   மரகத வீணை

Maragatha Veenai மரகத வீணை

Maragatha Veenai is a 2014-2017 Indian Tamil-language soap opera that aired on Sun TV. The show premiered on 27 January 2014 to 28 September 2017 from Monday through Saturday at 12:30PM (IST) and 11:30AM (IST) after 24 October 2016 for 1102 episodes. The show starred Santhoshi, Kumar, Sangeetha, Raja, Manokaran, Deepa and among others. This show was produced by Cine Time Entertainment and directed by L.Muthukumaraswamy, P.Selvam, O.N Rathnam and Vasubharthi Shivashankaran for 1102episodes . It also airs in Sri Lanka Tamil Channel on Shakthi TV.


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