Diep (English: Deep) is a 2005 Dutch drama film about the 14-year-old girl Heleen (played by 15-year-old Melody Klaver).


Heleen practises tongue kissing first on her arm, then on another girl who is her friend, then does it with boys. On holiday in France she likes a French boy Bernard (Hunter Bussemaker). However, when she tells him she loves him, she is uncomfortable with the bold way he starts touching her. Axel (Stijn Koomen) is a childhood friend who is in love with her. However, Heleen is more interested in Axel's English friend Steve (Damien Hope). Heleen is torn between her mother's statement that sex is like eating a sandwich, and Steve's that "sex should be like a voyage to the sublime, without true love no sublime". Steve rejects sex with Heleen.