Beautiful Accident

Beautiful Accident

Beautiful Accident is a 2017 Chinese comedy-drama film directed by Ho Wi Ding and co-produced by Chen Kun. The film stars Gwei Lun-mei, Chen Kun, Wang Jingchun, Ouyang Nana, and William Wang. It is a remake of the 2015 South Korean film Wonderful Nightmare.


A single and career-driven lawyer is given a second chance in life following a fatal car crash. In the span of seven days, she finds herself taking on a new life where she assumes the role of a housewife, taking care of her architect husband and two children.

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    director Ho Wi Ding
    editor Xu Weirao
    genre comedy-drama fantasy
    keywords car crash new life second chance seven days
    musicBy Robin Coudert
    producer Chen Kun
    theme south korean