Children on Their Birthdays

Children on Their Birthdays

Children on Their Birthdays is a 2002 American independent drama film directed by Mark Medoff, and starring Sheryl Lee, Jesse Plemons, Joe Pichler, Tania Raymonde, Christopher McDonald, and Tom Arnold. The screenplay written by Douglas Sloan is based on "Children on Their Birthdays", the short story of the same title by Truman Capote. This was the last film appearance by Pichler before his disappearance in 2006.


In the summer of 1947, a pretentious thirteen-year-old girl called "Miss" Lily Jane Bobbit is liked by two boys, who are best friends. Using the funniest vocabulary and the ever so heavy accent, she manages to win the attraction of the town's people, including the love of the two best friends. As the story continues, it must be decided as to whether or not the two boys will remain best friends, as only one of them can win Miss Bobbit's heart.

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    director Mark Medoff
    editor Sidney Levin
    genre drama
    keywords best friend
    producer Ginger T. Perkins Willian J. Immerman
    publisher Artisan Entertainment Koch Media