Prom Wars

Prom Wars is a 2008 Canadian teen comedy film directed by Phil Price and starring Raviv Ullman, Alia Shawkat, Rachelle Lefèvre, and Kevin Coughlin.


The graduating class at Miss Aversham and Miss Cronstall's School for Girls find that they have – in defiance of the natural laws of probability – all blossomed simultaneously. Capitalizing on their unique status, and intent on teaching high school boys to never take girls for granted, they issue a challenge to the boys of Easthill's rival private schools, Selby and Lancaster. The winner in a series of designated competitions will be awarded exclusive rights to the girls as prom dates. Like the capricious and meddlesome gods of Greek mythology, the ACS girls pit the boys' schools against each other in a (secret) Prom War.

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    director Philip Price
    editor David Eberts Phil Price
    genre comedy
    keywords boys school greek mythology private school teach
    producer Brandi-Ann Milbradt
    productionCompany Philms Pictures
    publisher Domino Film
    recordedAt Montreal
    theme high school