Deldadeh (English: Lover) is a 2008 Iranian romantic comedy film starring Javad Razavian, Akbar Abdi and Elham Hamidi. It is about a rich girl who returns to Iran after years to get married and several men try to marry her for her wealth.


Because of the impaired phone lines, everyone in the building finds out about the arrival of Asal Irani from the US. Asal had a rich father who has died and according to the will, she must marry an Iranian man in order to inherit the fortune. As Ahu, Asal's sister, and Ganari, her grandmother, exit the building, they face all of the residents outside and they all go to the airport, leaving Karim, an electrical engineer, behind. Karim tells his friend, Javad, a musician and singer, about Asal; but Javad has no interest in her. Karim gets away from Naser, Asal's maternal uncle and who hates Karim because of his debts and failed promises, steals Javad's bicycle and rushes to the airport. A girl enters Javad's apartment and they end up disliking each other. The girl is revealed to be Asal, being welcomed by her family and neighbors warmly. Karim returns and Javad explains what happened while Asal says how she was treated by Javad, who Ganari supports a lot. Karim goes to the Irani apartment to introduce himself, where Shapur, another man enters and does the same, and both are expelled by Naser, who calls his associate, Parviz, and tells him to come and suit Asal that night before anyone else does. Ganari calls Javad and tells him to come and apologize to Asal. Parviz arrives; but Karim takes his suiting stuff and guides him to the wrong apartment. Before Javad can make any apology, he has his back burnt. Naser tells Parviz to prepare to suit Asal the next night. Karim tries another meeting with Asal, which is interrupted by Naser, who tells him that he must marry Ahu as he promised. Karim vows not to let Parviz suit Asal.