Brothers in Heaven

Brothers in Heaven

Brothers in Heaven, previously known as Come Back to Busan Port, is a 2017 South Korean action crime film starring Sung Hoon, Jo Han-sun and Yoon So-yi and directed by Park Hee-jun.


After the tragic death of their parents, twin brothers Tae-joo (Jo Han-sun) and Tae-sung (Sung Hoon) left in the orphanage were separated. Twenty years later, they meet again. However, they are on opposite sides of the law. Older brother Tae-joo is a cop while Tae-sung holds high rank in a crime organization. In a twist of fate, both brothers love the same woman, Chan-mi (Yoon So-yi).

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    contentLocation Busan
    director Park Hee-jun
    genre action crime
    keywords crime organization older brother twin brother
    producer Baek Tae-whan
    theme south korean