Godfather is a 2012 Indian Kannada-language action-drama film directed by cinematographer-turned-director Sethu Sriram starring Upendra in a triple role as a father and his two sons, alongside Soundarya Jayamala and Catherine Tresa. The film's soundtrack and background score were composed by A. R. Rahman.


Shivasagar, a crippled multi-millionaire, has a son, Vijay who is playful and irresponsible. To teach him a lesson, he sends Vijay to Bhamapura to help the poor. Vijay doesn't want to go, but a local pizza restaurateur convinces Vijay and his friends that the village is one big brothel. In reality, Bhamapura is a sacred village and the restaurateur had purposely deceived Vijay and his friends. Divya and her classmates also visit the village. They come for their social activity course to improve the village's health and hygiene. A large building is reserved for him and the girls are asked to stay in the poor families' houses. Vijay and his friends arrive and start to woo the girls, whom they mistake for Bhamapura's prostitutes. When Divya discovers their plan, she and her friends decide to teach Vijay and his friends a lesson.