Milon Tithi

Milon Tithi

Milon Tithi was an Indian Bengali language television soap that premiered on 23 November 2015 on Star Jalsha. The story primarily revolves around Aditya, Arjun, Ahona and Bonhi. It was produced by Acropoliis Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and starred Riju Biswas, Ushasi Ray, Jeetu Kamal, Debjani Chakraborty and Ishaan Majumder in the lead roles. The show was replaced by Pratidaan.


Milon Tithi revolves around a male and two female characters: Arjun, Ahona and Bonhi. Arjun is a rich, young man who liked Bonhi, yet married Ahona. Ahona is the daughter of a house owner and Bonhi is the daughter of a maid servant. Arjun always kept Bonhi happy, even with all her greedy needs. Ahona sees Bonhi as her best friend, but Bonhi dislikes Ahona and uses Arjun and separates him from Ahona. The story ends with Arjun and Ahona's separation.