A 29-Cent Robbery

A 29-Cent Robbery

A 29-Cent Robbery is a 1910 American silent short drama produced by the Thanhouser Company. The film features the debut of Marie Eline in the main role as Edna Robinson, a young girl who foils an attempt by a robbery to loot her family's home. All the thief manages to take is her toy bank, containing 29 cents. Edna ends up taking it upon herself to catch the thief after the police fail in the task. It was reviewed positively by critics and was viewed across the United States. The film was the first split-reel by Thanhouser, containing this short and The Old Shoe Came Back on a single reel.


A thief sneaks into the Robinson home with the intention of looting it. He is discovered by a young girl, Edna Robinson, and flees taking only her toy bank containing the paltry sum of 29 cents USD, . She is so upset about the theft of her bank that the parents decide to inform the police. They go to the police station and report the robbery, but the police laugh at them. The parents go home and inform Edna that the police will not do anything, which makes her all the more determined. So Edna goes to the police station by herself and informs the police captain of the robbery and its details. He assigns his officers to work on the case and they arrest several men carrying toy banks. They ask Edna to identify the robber, but she says he is not present. The police set the men free and Edna decides to take the task upon herself. So she gets a police whistle and starts investigating on her own, eventually finding the thief.

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    director Barry O'Neil
    genre drama
    keywords loot police captain police station usd young girl
    producer Thanhouser Company
    theme short