Twin Rivers is a 2007 South Australian feature film directed and written by Matthew Holmes and co-written by South Australian author Meredith Resce and Peter Court. It stars Darren Holmes, Matthew Holmes, Robyn Dickinson, Joshua Jaeger, Hakan Magill and Jonathan Western.


Brothers Thomas Norton (Matthew Holmes) and William Norton (Darren Holmes) are walking from Broken Hill to Melbourne, living on the road as swaggies and picking up odd jobs along the way. They are saving up money to start an angora rabbit fur trade when they arrive. The older brother Thomas is the driving force behind the journey, while William is a passive follower. However, their money is stolen by a fellow traveler called Bertie (Jonathan Western), who disappears quickly after. In searching for him, they discover a sick man on the road, Mr. Carmody (Oscar Peters) and reluctantly decide to help him to the nearest town rather than keep looking for Bertie.