Cellar Dweller

Cellar Dweller

Cellar Dweller is a 1988 American monster horror film about a comic book artist who unleashes a demon after drawing it. It was directed by John Carl Buechler, written by Don Mancini (credited as Kit Du Bois), and stars Debrah Farentino and Brian Robbins.


Colin Childress (Jeffrey Combs), a highly successful comic book artist who gains inspiration from a mystical book of horrific drawings, inadvertently summons an evil spirit into his basement studio. Decades later, his house has become a small art institute run by the stern Mrs. Briggs (Yvonne De Carlo). One night, comely student Whitney Taylor (Debrah Farentino) goes rooting around the sealed boxes in the cellar and releases the supernatural forces trapped there.

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    director John Carl Buechler
    editor Barry Zetlin
    genre horror
    keywords comic book artist draw evil spirit one night trap
    musicBy Carl Dante
    producer Charles Band
    publisher Empire Pictures
    theme monster movie