Home and Away: All or Nothing

Home and Away: All or Nothing is a television film and spin-off of the Australian soap opera Home and Away. It was written by Louise Bowes and directed by Arnie Custo. All or Nothing premiered on 26 January 2017 (Australia Day) on Foxtel on Demand, Foxtel Play and Presto. It was commissioned along with Home and Away: Revenge following the success of the 2015 telefilm Home and Away: An Eye for an Eye, which broke Presto streaming records. All or Nothing is a sequel to Revenge and like the previous specials it features current and returning Home and Away cast members.


Kyle Braxton, who is serving a thirteen year prison sentence, is suddenly moved to the Protection Unit because the Braxton family's enemy Trevor "Gunno" Gunson has returned to the prison. Kyle receives a visit from his brother Heath Braxton and his wife Bianca Scott. They explain how Gunno recently kidnapped Bianca and held her hostage. Prison inmate Bandit informs Gunno that Heath and Bianca are visiting Kyle, and Gunno instigates a riot in order to send the prison into lockdown. Gunno and Bandit break into the security command centre, while the prisoners from the protection unit are attacked. Kyle drags Prison Guard Mayhew out of harm's way after he is injured. As Heath and Bianca are being escorted towards an exit, Gunno takes over the PA system and tells the inmates to bring them and Kyle to him. Realising they cannot leave, Heath and Bianca hide in a ceiling crawlspace.